Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list?  I don’t have a real order to my bucket list, I just keep adding items to it. I really like looking around the tumblr account Perfect Bucket List. Here are five items that are on my bucket list, in no real order.

1. I love to travel.  I have many destinations on my bucket list. One of them is Ireland.

2. Make 1,000 paper cranes.  When I was younger, I saw a movie where one of the characters made 1,000 paper and ever since then I’ve wanted to do it myself.

3. My friend Michelle and I have been friends for over 20 years. Years ago we decided that we should get matching tattoos.  If not matching, then something in the same theme.

4. Rescue a puppy.  I love animals.  When I was younger I would beg my parents ALL THE TIME to let me get a dog.  They always said no.

5. Christmas lights!  I love Christmas time.  I had a dream once that I had more lights on my house then Clark Griswold had on his house.

What are some things that you have on your bucket list?


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